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Assessment of Diabetes
Glucose tolerance test:
  1.  The fasting blood sample is drawn
  2.  75g of glucose dissolved in 250-300 ml water is given.
  3.  Blood and urine sample are collected every 30 mins for 2 hrs after administration of glucose.
  Fasting 2 hrs after 75g glucose load
Normal < 100 < 80 <140 < 120
Impaired glucose tolerance 100-140 80-120 140-200 120-180
Diabetes Mellitus > 140 >120 > 200 >180
Monitoring Blood sugar levels

  Degree of Control
Good Fair Poor
Fasting blood sugar (mg/dl) <110 110-130 >130
Blood sugar 2 hrs after meal (mg/dl) <130 130-150 >150
Glycated Haemoglobin (HbA1c)

As the concentration of the blood glucose rises it gets attached to Hb. It gives the body control over the previous 2 3 months
Objectives of Diabetes Management
  •  Relief from symptoms
  •  Reduction in obesity/ overweight and maintenance of normal body weight depending on height and weight
  •  Prevention or retardation of both acute and chronic complications of diabetes
  •  Presence of adequate energy and endurance of work performance
  •  In childhood diabetes, normal or near normal growth and development including physical, mental and emotional
  •  In pregnancy with diabetes, delivery of a normal baby without any medical complications in the mother
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