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It is caused by mutation or abnormal activation of cellular genes that control cell growth and cell mitosis. The abnormal genes are called ‘Oncogenes’.

The probability of mutations can be increased manifold when one is exposed to a certain chemical, physical and biological factors.

There are more than 100 types of cancers; any part of the body can be affected. In 2004, 7.4 million people died of cancer - 13% of all deaths worldwide. More than 70% of all cancer deaths occur in low and middle income countries. A third of cancers could be cured if detected early and treated adequately. More than 30% of cancer could be prevented, mainly by not using tobacco, having a healthy diet, being physically active and preventing infections that may cause cancer.
Cancers are classified into four major groups
  • Carcinoma
  • Sarcoma
  • Leukaemia
  • Lymphoma
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