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How to prevent cancer?
Preventable lifestyle factors that can help reduce cancer risk
  • Maintain Health Body Weight
  • Reduce Fat Intake
  • Eat plenty of whole grains, fruits & vegetables
  • Get Regular Exercise
  • Limit Exposure to sun
  • Avoid Smoking
Role of Food in Prevention of Cancer

Nutrient Role & Dietary Source
β Carotene
GLV, ripe fruits and vegetables like papaya, musk melon, mango, pumpkin, carrots
Vitamin C
Citrus fruits; orange, lemon, sweet lime, guava, gooseberry, sprouts
Vitamin E
Cereals, Cereal products, oil seeds, nuts
Components of Antioxidant enzyme (Glutathione peroxidase)
Meat, sea foods and cereals
Components of Antioxidant enzyme (Superoxide dismutase)
Meat, sea foods and cereals
Components of Antioxidant enzyme ( Superoxide dismutase)
Meat, liver, GLV, cereals, milltes, pulses

Phytochemicals as Anti cancer agents

Phytochemical Role & Dietary Source
Terpenes Antioxidants, α carotene inhibits tumor growth
Tomatoes, parsley, spinach, citrus fruits, carrots, egg plant, peppers, soy products, berries, cauliflower, mint, basil, yams
Biological singlet oxygen quenchers
Tomatoes, red grape fruit, guava, dried apricots>
Limonoids Chemo-protective agents that induce enzymes in liver
Citrus oils
Phenols & Flavonoids
Scavenge free radicals
Parsley, carrots, citrus fruits, broccoli, cabbage, cucumbers, squash, yams, tomatoes, egg plant, peppers, soy products, berries, potatoes, broad beans, pea pods, coloured onions, apples
Antioxidants, carcinogen blockers or tumour suppressor
Soyabean and its products
Lignans Phytoestrogens provide protection against hormone sensitive cancers
Whole grain products
Thiols Regulate enzymes involving detoxification
Cruciferous vegetables, garlic, onion, citrus fruits
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