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Rapid Globalization and Urbanization and the so called Modern-day lifestyle comes with its own backpack of health issues, occupational hazards and diseases that call for a modern armour of remedies. This is an age of ‘information explosion”, where we are bombarded by information on every subject imaginable. Findings from scientific research done all over the world is readily available at your fingertips, just waiting to be googled. With increasing awareness regarding ‘Health’ and ‘Nutrition’, there is a surge of information available these days that can often leave the layman confused, and perhaps even indifferent. The volume of information available leaves us at a crossroads, oscillating between ‘Facts’ and ‘Myths’ , unable to decide which way to go. But that, unfortunately, comes at a heavy price – your health.

E sanjeevani is an initiative to promote ‘Health’, ‘Wellness’ and ‘Nutrition’ among the masses. We provide you the latest, authentic and scientifically reviewed information on ‘Health’. Built to answer all your questions and dilemmas on health, food and fitness, this site is a one-stop solution to all your queries on health. Most importantly, this is developed with the idea of providing a reliable information source for the contemporary Indian. With knowledge and understanding comes greater compliance. Here, we will equip you with the required information to transform knowledge about the lifestyle changes you make into practices for greater long-term health benefits. Simply, trust E sanjeevani.
Are you Healthy? Are you Eating Right? Are you Active?
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