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Obesity is the generalized accumulation of fat excess adipose tissue in the body leading to more that 20% of desirable weight.

Obesity is a complex multi-factorial chronic disease developing from interactive influences of numerous factors; social, behavioural, physiological, metabolic, cellular and genetic.
Radical changes have occurred in the diet of an individual which has led to disease manifestation, there are multiple factors playing a part in it. This casual web highlights the complex matrix of societal factors influencing both childhood and adult obesity. The environmental factor exerts an overreaching influence on individual behavior. These factors are globalization of market, economic development and media and advertising (marketing). The influence of these on the population depends on the national or regional factors which is the cultural filter that determines how much each factor influences an individual. The national factors being; transport; that determines energy expenditure, urbanization and media and culture; that has brought in a sea change in terms of energy intake as well as expenditure, education that helps us make our lifestyle choices wisely along with food and nutrition and health status.

These choices in turn effect government policies on public transport and safety, health care and sanitation, and affect the balance of manufactured and imported goods which also affects the agricultural status of the country and the local markets. These changes trickle down to bringing dynamic changes in leisure time activities like TV viewing as opposed to outdoor sports; choice of work that is sedentary job as compared to the heavy labor done earlier which determines energy expenditure. They also affect person’s choices of food at work site, school and home. Thereby, influencing the two key players that determine nutritional status, which are energy expenditure and food intake and its nutrient density. Any imbalance results in over or under nutrition. From overnutrition stems all the diet related Non Communicable Diseases (NCD’s).
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