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Refined sugar is an extremely pure food with 99.9% sucrose which is a simple carbohydrate. Extrinsic sugar like the one used to make sweets, candies, chocolates provide energy but no other vital nutrients. They only satisfy our taste and enhance flavour of many foods. Excessive intake of sugar has been linked with hyperactivity, acne, obesity directly or indirectly. Its a major cause of tooth decay and an instant source of energy.

All forms of sugar provide 4 g of energy. In everyday terms I tablespoon of white sugar contains 50 calories. Thus, taking in excess sugar is taking in empty calories that contribute to the development of diet related Non Communicable diseases. So the amount of sugar and its sources like brown sugar, jaggery, etc should be limited (also read simple carbohydrates and fast foods).

Sugars: use sparingly

Sugars: 3-4 teaspoon / day
Foods to eat: Restricted amounts of sugar, honey and jaggery.
Foods to avoid : Sweets, candies, pastries, chocolates, Cold drinks, jams, jellies, etc
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