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10 Ways To Eat Right
Get the proportions right

Food should be had in moderation. A balanced diet does not exclude anything completely but everything should be consumed in the right proportions.

Add flavour without fat

Eating food without excess fat does not mean your food has to be distasteful. Give your food an extra kick. Add variety to your meals, use herbs generously they are not only good for health but also add taste to food. Use seasonal foods as they have excellent flavors.

Kingís breakfast, Queenís lunch and Pauperís dinner

If you have your main carbohydrates till the middle of the day, then your body has plenty of time to digest them in the afternoon. Keep the dinners light and early so your body will be able to digest it more easily and not feel weighed down.

Steam your food

Steaming concentrates food's natural flavours, retains nutrients and leaves very little need for extra oil or fat. It's the perfect way to cook delicate food such as vegetables, fish and shellfish, and is great for cooking chicken, egg dishes, couscous, pumpkin, tofu and rice.

Bake instead of fry, grill instead of bake

Many foods that are traditionally fried taste better if baked in the oven instead and they are good for health too. The food absorbs much less oil or fat, and meat and oily fish will render their own fat without drying out. Potato wedges will turn crisp and golden in the oven with just the merest coating of olive oil, instead frying.

Eat breakfast

Donít skip breakfast. It might sound odd, but a good way to 'eat light' is to 'start heavy' in the morning with a healthy breakfast, such as oats, that will give you a slow release of energy throughout the morning.

Substitute, Donít Scrap

Don't cut out your favourite foods - that will only make you miserable. Instead, find ways to lighten them. Have fruit salad for dessert instead ice cream. Use yoghurt instead of cream to add richness to soups and fruit puddings. Extra virgin olive oil adds a wonderful flavour to food but you donít need Instead of adding cream to vegetable-based soups, blend half of it in a food processor and return it to the pan, or mash half the beans or potatoes to thicken it beautifully.

Stock up

Make sure you're stocked up with good things like lemons, garlic and herbs and loads of vegetables. They give food excellent flavors and help make healthy snacks.

Take your time

It's not just about the food - it's also the way you eat it that matters. Eating light means eating at the table, with friends and family. It means eating at a relaxed, leisurely pace, with plenty of time for chewing before the next mouthful goes in. That way the brain has time to send those all-important 'I'm full' messages to the body. The more you look forward to the mealtime itself, the less need there is for lots of heavy, filling food.

Love your food

The great thing about eating light is that you can still love your food - just focus on loving food thatís good for you. People who really adore food and flavour have a much better chance of eating well, and healthily, and enjoying every minute of it. They shop seasonally, know how to cook, and are often actively involved in the growing and preparation of good food.
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